Children’s Books

The images below are an assortment children’s book projects I have worked on over a number of years.‘The Giant from Nowhere’ was commissioned by Titchy Titles and Written by Frances Dickens. It is my First picture book Title in print form. Monkeycat and his fabulous friends, written by Jon Wiltshire is a self published title and is produced in both Black and White and Colour.

I have also worked on numerous educational books for schools including ‘Biting the Moral Bullet’ (Hodder and Stoughton) which explores cultural and political issues around the world. ‘Schools in Cyberspace’ introduces young children to various aspects of the internet particularly with an educational emphasis. The cover images for these are in the Design&Print Link

Publishers I have worked for include:-

  • Longman Books
  • Heinemann books
  • Hodder and Stoughton
  • Oxford University press

Childrens Illustration – Various

The following gallery of illustrations are an assortment of various children’s titles I have worked on over a number of years and cover a broad range of age groups from Primary to secondary.


Childrens book illustration by Peter Hudspith

Monkeycat and his fabulous friends is a recently published children’s book I’ve worked on. The following images are a selection of pages from the book first published in 2016.


This series of illustrations were commissioned by a company called Speechmark and are part of a series intended to explore different aspects of the English language for children. The project was in association with an organisation called Elciss (Enhancing Language and Communication in Secondary Schools) who research language acquisition designed to improve learning.